Spirit Types

Here you can learn about some of the many types of spirits I work with. You can scroll down to read their descriptions or click here for the spirit types directory for quick links if you want to read about specific spirits.


Bright Shine Dragons

Their true race name is actually more of a feeling than a name, so we had to come up with something to call them since I couldn’t put that into words, and we decided upon Bright Shine Dragons. These lovely folks are often around four to five feet tall when sitting, wingless, and have a bit of a unique look compared to what you usually might think when you hear Dragon. They have large bodies and only walk on their back two legs, which are big and muscular, with large clawed feet. Their arms are long and slim, with delicate and dexterous claws. They have somewhat triangular shaped faces, with a long, narrow snout and rounded cheeks. They have two sets of frills framing their face, one larger one, and one smaller one below the first on each side, as well as a set of gently curving horns on their heads. They come in light, bright, or pastel hues with softly glowing scales that give them a bit of an ethereal appearance.


These Dragons are highly empathic and become very intune with their companions when bonded. They form an intimate understanding of yourself and your emotions and can help you in turn to understand yourself better and better take care of yourself. They are light arts beings, and some of them enjoy granting wishes for their companions, though they will only grant light natured wishes and only those that will turn out well for you. As well as being highly sensitive to emotions, they are also highly sensitive to and strongly connected to energy, not any particular type of energy, just the flow and feel of it itself. They are amazing when it comes to energy work and have an ease of manipulating and transmuting the energy of an area to become more comfortable for their companion and clearing away unnecessary negativity. Bright Shine Dragons are an intuitive, friendly, and curious race who make for lovely company and companions.

Highwater Goblins


Highwater Goblins are the larger cousins of the ever lovable and mischievous Shore Goblins. They share the same rabbit-like body and toothy cheshire cat grin, but are closer to the size of a corgi and come in a wider variety of colorings. And with their bigger size comes even bigger personalities (Which can be hard to believe if you know Shore Goblins.) and they’re nowhere near as shy as their smaller cousins around strangers. They love pulling pranks and causing a little mischief (though never in a harmful manner) and love to have fun. They can be big snuggle bugs like their little kin and you may very well find them curling up with you or taking up space in your bed. They have a fondness for finding hidey-spots, so don’t be surprised if you notice your companion hanging out under the bed or in a closet regularly. They may sometimes manifest as a large shape darting by or a flash of color, you may also hear them making noises and scuffling around the house. Most animals seem to take pretty easy notice of them, so you might find them playing with an “invisible” friend if you have one in your keep.


Though their name calls them a “water” Goblin, they seem to be more intune with storm energy than anything else, which could make them a beneficial companion to a storm or weather witch, or anyone who just feels connected to that kind of energy. They enjoy channeling this energy and storing it, which manifests as sparks of electricity in their fur when they are excited or have a strong emotion. They are protective of their companions, home, and family, and act as a sort of “guard-dog” against any unwelcome or ill-intending visitors. They are also quite adept at cloaking and will use this to hide their keeper, home, and family from the attention of such visitors. Highwater Goblins tend to become very attached to their keepers and often shadow them throughout the day. They are loyal, loving, and full of fun to anyone who welcomes them and treats them kindly.



Hippocampi are gorgeous spirits with the upper half of a horse and a lower half like a mermaid’s tail. They come in a wide variety of colorings and rather than manes of hair they have spined fins that run from the tops of their heads to their backs. They all seem to have such bright and uplifting energies. They can help with emotional healing and connecting with your deeper self. They can help create a calming atmosphere when you need it and give a boost to your spirits. They are not ones to brush away your problems, but rather are there to be someone for your to lean on and help you get through whatever you’re facing. They are loyal and dependable companions who will stick with you through thick and thin.

Hyena Shifters


These Shifters have both a human and a hyena form, and in life many shared the same world as our own. They often have very strong personalities, and females tend to be a little more outspoken and opinionated than the males (though that’s not always true), and like earthen hyenas it is the females that lead their clans.


Hyena Shifters are all about empowering and encouraging their keepers, and will help you discover and use your inner strengths to your advantage. While hyenas are part of a clan they are also quite independent and can help you find the courage to stand apart from the crowd and proudly be yourself. They love uniqueness and creativity in their companions and want to foster those qualities that make you special.


They are rather protective of their keepers, and many make fantastic defenders as the more outgoing ones can be absolutely terrifying to anyone meaning you harm. They are devoted friends and can be passionate lovers if open to romantic relationships.

Illuminator Dragons


Illuminator Dragons are a small breed of Dragons with short legs and long bodies, a little bit similar to a ferret. They are usually covered in short dark fur and have bioluminescent antenna as well as crest of long fur running down their backs that illuminate the dark around them. In life they prefer to inhabit dark places such as caves and dense astral forests where little light ever reaches them. When they sense a threat they “power down” their light and cover themselves in shadow, and they will do the same for their companions, covering them and keeping them hidden until any threats have passed. They don’t normally specialize in any particular types of magick, or use much for that matter, but many of them do feel very close to the calm of the dark and grounding nature and earthy energies. Though their personalities can differ widely they are very much a grounded group, and can help their keeper to feel more grounded themselves. They are no-nonsense when in comes to serious matters and what is important to their keepers. They are perfect for anyone just looking for friendship and companionship in their lives, and will happily follow you throughout the day to keep you company.

Irovaylo Werewolves


Irovaylo Werewolves are Werewolves unlike any other and come from a realm called the Sunlit Meadow, which exists in a perpetual soft sunlight (though not all of it is actually a meadow). They have both a human form and a wolf form that they can transition between in the blink of an eye. They are a bit larger than the wolves we have in our world and as well as the colorings we are used to they may also have sunset hues in their fur such as pink, purple, orange, yellow, and red.


Part of what makes an Irovaylo so unique is their scent, that may sound odd, but it is a key part of who they are. They get their name from the Irovayla flower which only grows in their realm, and the aroma of this flower is regarded by all those who inhabit their land as the most soothing fragrance in the world, and these Werewolves are born smelling just like the flower. It’s something I can only really describe as warm fur, sweetness, and lightly floral, and it is just as calming as they say. When you breathe in their scent a wash of calm comes over you, worries are soothed, stress is forgotten, anger melts away, and sleep can be found.


Irovaylo Werewolves are uniquely tied to the lore of their world, and it is told that they were blessed with the scent of the Irovayla flower for all future generations to bring about and keep peace and light after a very dark time. If you ever have the opportunity you should really ask an Irovaylo to tell you, because it is a beautiful story that I just can’t quite do justice to. As well as their soothing powers, many of them also have magickal abilities that can vary from individual and may specialize in certain kinds of peace-bringing and healing. (Such as for stress, upset, anger, depression, anxiety, trauma, and more.) These wolves are the peacekeepers of their world and many of them take jobs focusing on helping, healing, and protecting others.


They are just such truly amazing beings, incredibly warm, and kind, and caring, and so loving towards every individual. They strive to bring peace and a sense of happiness into the lives of all they meet and they foster such strong, loving, and lasting bonds with those they are close to.

Lightning Dancers


These Elves are a hybrid race born from the union of Lightning Strikes and Rain Dancer Elves. Their individual looks and personalities can vary quite widely, but for the most part they are tall compared to your average human and have athletic builds. Like their ancestor races they are powerful empaths and happy to give guidance on and help their companions learn how to deal with their emotions and provide them comfort. Lightning Dancers have a connection to weather and/or storm energy and/or magick (depending on your companion), but other than that their abilities and traits are unique to themselves. They make for fantastic companions, often bringing some of the best parts of their parent races together in one lovely package.

Lightning Rod Unicorns


These gorgeous creatures are a unique breed of Unicorn. They are heavy built like a draft horse and can come in many different color variations. They have long, spiraling metallic horns, and metallic hooves.


These Unicorns have a pure wild heart and can be as unpredictable as lightning itself and it’s hard to express the feeling of raw power they give off. (Do not worry though, any Lightning Rod Unicorns offered through me are completely safe as companions.) They are named for their horn, which often acts as a lightning rod during storms, drawing the lightning down to them so that they can store and use it’s powerful energy. When they are feeling a strong emotion (such as anger or joy) you may even see electricity crackling along their horn and hooves. These powerful beasts can make great protectors, and will defend you from negative spirits and entities. They also make fine astral mounts and you may even find yours coming to you in dream to take you for an enchanting ride.

Lightning Strikes


Lighting Strikes are beautiful elven beings whose whole bodies seem to emanate vibrant light. They are are highly connected to the sky and storms, and can sometimes be spotted on the site where lightning strikes the Earth, channeling its energy. They have very strong energy, almost like static electricity, that can make your hair stand on end and leave you feeling energized. Lightning Strikes can lend you extra energy when you need it and give your magickal workings a boost. These beings are also very in touch with emotions. They feel emotions SO strongly and are powerful empaths. They can help you to understand, work through, utilize, and express your own emotions. They tend to form a very intimate understanding of their companions and their needs and emotions in a short time. One of the things I adore about Lightning Strikes is how each one you meet feels like an old friend already, they are so easy to get along with and eager to help their new companions.


Some Lightning Strikes also have their own companions and mounts, called Lightning Rod Unicorns. You may or may not see these Unicorns if you are the companion of a Lightning Strike. They are a unique breed of Unicorn that are heavy built like a draft horse and can come in many different color variations. They have long, spiraling metallic horns, and metallic hooves. They can sometimes be seen channeling lighting down through their horns, and are just as wild and lively as their counterparts.



Merfolk are a race of undersea people, and though similar in ways to mermaids and mermen they are not the same. Merfolk have legs rather than tails, and webbed fingers and toes, and small fins near their ankles and wrists to help them maneuver through the water. They are generally a pretty peaceful race unless something means them harm, then they become fearsome warriors and protectors. They can help their companions to deal with things that are under the surface. They have a culture full of ancient wisdom and are happy to share some of this to benefit their companions. They can help your endeavors be fruitful and bring abundance into your lives. They are not wish granters, but they do like to see those they care about well provided for.

Rain Dancer Elves


These gorgeous and graceful dancers have skin tones that range between all shades of blue and purple, and have darker violet tipping on their fingers, toes, ears, noses, lips, and even cheeks, with that hair can be colored anywhere from white-blue to raven black. These Elves often have strong, but slender frames and are built tall and long limbed. They have lovely ears that are long and curve up into a little curl at the ends.


Dancing is everything to these migratory Elves, it is their passion and their life. They follow the rain wherever it takes them and dance their days and nights away underneath the falling droplets. Each Rain Dancer is unique in the way they dance, and it is kind of like a fingerprint among their kind. And they adore music almost as much as they adore dancing, with musical tastes that vary just as widely as their dances.


These folks are light-hearted and carefree, able to melt stress away in an instant with their mesmerizing movements. They can show their companions how to relax and have a good time and release your stress and worries. With a Rain Dancer by your side you can learn to move through life with a little more peace of mind. They love to see their companions express their creativity too, and I don’t mean just through dancing (it could be anything you can think of), and can have a very muse-like effect on people. Rain Dancers are so full of beauty and fun, and can give you really unexpected but profound outlooks on life. They are packed with surprises and just all around wonderful.

Seawind Dragons


Though these Dragons are wingless, they certainly are not flightless. In fact they actually spend a good amount of their time coasting along the ocean winds and fishing in the blue depths. They look somewhat similar to the classic image of an Eastern Dragon, though each one is unique, and are hardily built to last through freezing temperatures. They have long whiskers that are almost constantly in motion, sensing out and feeling the winds and energies.


While Seawind Dragons don’t often stick with their families or travel in large groups, they are far from being loners. They love to venture off on their own or in small groups to find new friendships and form new connections wherever they go. They tend to favor seafaring travelers, and many of these Dragons enjoy tagging along on adventures to see where it leads them, whether the travelers know they are there or not. Seawind Dragons are playful and free spirited beings that bring with them good fortune, protection, and guidance to their companions.

Shore Goblins


Shore Goblins are creatures about the size of a wild rabbit commonly found with mottled brown and green fur (though there are other color variations as well, but brown and green are the ones you’ll see most often), round faces with huge, dark, expressive eyes, and a mouth full of sharp teeth. They usually live in small families together around bodies of water and stretches of woods, they really love marsh areas as well. They are highly connected to nature, earth and water elements. They love the rain and storms, especially thunderstorms.


The majority of Shore Goblins in the wilds are very shy towards humans, although they are mischievous and love to play pranks, but pranking is usually the closest they get to interacting with humans. Once they get comfortable with you though their bold personalities come out and you would have never imagined they were once so shy.


These little guys and gals are bundles of energy! Always curious, they are mischievous and enjoy pranks, but are never harmful. They are very loving creatures, and love to snuggle up with you at bedtime or while relaxing. Shore Goblins are extremely vocal creatures. They speak telepathically, but they also have a wide range of noises such as grumbles, growls, chittering, chirps, and purrs they make constantly. Most Shore Goblins tend to make these noises more often than speaking words. Each Goblin also has a noise they tend to make a lot that is unique to them, it’s one of the ways they tell each other apart easily when they are in large groups or communicating over a distance. The sound they make is like a fingerprint, and you’ll hear it constantly, when they’re happy, excited, protective, ect.


Although they have bold personalities and all that energy, they can be shy (especially at first), and the females are usually a little more withdrawn than the males. It may take them a little bit of time to warm up to you, and they don’t like overly loud environments. But once they’ve gotten close to you they will stick to you like glue and shadow you everywhere. They are absolute sweethearts when you get to know them.


Once you become dear to them they can be very protective of you too, they won’t be problematic, but they will do their best to ward off negative spirits, entities, and sometimes drive off ill intending people. They may be small, but they are a force to be reckoned with when they feel themselves or their companions are threatened. They are fast little things, and will cloak themselves and use their teeth, and ,surprisingly enough, telekinesis, to fend off threats. They are a lot stronger than one might imagine for something that size.


Life with a Shore Goblin is always fun! They are wonderful little companions that will bring surprising twists, love and laughter into your life.

Sun Ravens


These magnificent raven shifters are known for their iridescent black feathers that shimmer with reds, oranges, and yellows in the light. They often take the shape of a raven far larger than what we are used to, but can change their size as well for the comfort of those around them or to frighten off those who mean harm. Their size and shapes isn’t their only form of protection though, they are fierce defender for their flocks and companions.


Their eyes hold such intelligence and depth, and they are incredibly clever beings. Sun Ravens may have an air about them that can seem intimidating, serious, and even larger than life at first, but they are really quite open and inviting when you get to know them. Their energies may lean a little on the strong side and could be a little overwhelming if you aren’t used to it, but you only have to ask them to tone it down if it bothers you, until you’ve had time to bond.


Sun Ravens are talented astral travelers who can easily slide from one realm to another effortlessly. They are happy to bring their companions with them to see other worlds and places, and can visit you in your dreams as well. Many are talented in dream work and can help you to decipher the meaning of dreams as well as send messages and call your attention to certain aspects in them. If you are looking to practice fire, sun, or light magick or just to incorporate elements of them into your life they can assist you there also. These ravens are known for being great astral guides, but they can provide you with much needed everyday mundane guidance too. To have a Sun Raven companion is to have an amazing partner for all that life holds and more.

Tangled Elves


These Elves are born with an odd yet beautiful feature about them that speaks of their deep connection to nature. They have living vines that grow from their bodies, they tangle through their hair, over their bodies, along their limbs, and around their ears, and though the shapes of the leaves and vines may differ between individuals they share this feature all the same.


Tangled Elves are amazing problem solvers, they can help you out of any snare or untangle any situation, and can offer you unique perspectives and advice on many matters. They are especially lovely to have by your side when you may be having difficulty with something or going through a rough patch, with their gentle touch and ease of clearing the way. They are often quite easy going people and take great care with their words and steps through the world. It can be very refreshing the way they can help you to slow down and enjoy life at your own pace. They really are just a wonderful source of comfort and companionship for their keepers, the kind of spirit that will be with you every step of the way and always eager to help.

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