Shop Policies

Please make sure to read through ALL information provided BEFORE making any purchases, so as to avoid any confusion. It is the buyers responsibility to make sure they understand my shop policies before making a purchase. Thank you! :)


Please be sure to read through all information provided in a listing before making a purchase so as to avoid any confusion of what you are getting or my policies.





Expect pre-bound spirit vessels to be shipped within 1 business week of purchasing, unless otherwise notified.


Expect any kind of custom or RA to be shipped within 2 business weeks unless otherwise notified or stated in the listing.


If you purchase multiple listings at the same time or within the same week, please expect them to be shipped out together on the longest expected date. (Ex. If you purchase a pre-bound and an RA expect them both to be shipped within 2 business weeks.)


If you live within the USA, shipping is included in the price of any listing, as well as tracking. Expect your package to arrive between 2-7 days after shipment, but it may take longer around holidays.


If you live outside of the USA it is an additional $8 for shipping, since the post office has become stricter about shipping packages outside of the USA. Tracking is not included, although sometimes tracking numbers work through Canada, so I will try to include one if possible. Expect your package to arrive within 1-4 weeks of shipment, though it may take longer around the holidays. The buyer is responsible for any customs charges.


If you do not receive a package 4 weeks after shipment please contact me! I may ask you to wait an additional week, but if it does not arrive after that I am happy to do a recall and rebinding, and ship it again for free.



Please make sure you provide an email you can be reached at at checkout, as any spirit information will be sent there.


I’m now offering 1 week holds on pre-bound spirits only. Payment must be made within 1 week of placing a hold. Please contact me to place a hold.


I do not offer refunds, so please be certain you want to welcome a spirit into your life before purchasing a listing.


Please do not ask for any extra information about spirits, what you receive in their descriptions is it, it’s up to you to learn the rest about your companion, and so much more beneficial to your bond to get to know them yourself. :)


Please do not ask me to do check-ins with you spirit companions. Your bond is between the two of you and I am no longer a part of your relationship once they leave me, and I don’t want to you to feel you need to rely on anyone else to communicate with your spirits. I fully believe you are capable of communicating with your companion and forming a bond that’s unique to you. That being said, if you have an emergency or a situation please don’t be afraid to contact me.


Pre-bound spirits select their own vessels, but if you would like to take home a spirit with a different vessel feel free to talk to me about it. There may be extra charges for different kinds of vessels though. Please do this before you purchase a listing though if you would like a different vessel.


If you get a direct binding spirit they will be bound to you unless you let me know you would prefer them bound to an item you own and send me a photo of it. Please do not send me photos of multiple vessels, I promise the spirit will be happy with the vessel you choose for them. If a spirit was bound directly to you and you did not let me know you wanted them bound to an item, don’t worry, you can always ask your spirit to transfer their binding to a new vessel.


Please do not ask me for trades, deals, price cuts, or freebies. It is disrespectful and I do not appreciate it when my, or any other practitioners, work is devalued and considered worth less by another person.


You must be 18 years or older to make a purchase and nothing in this store is to be used in place of medical attention or advice. Only a professional should treat and address your medical concerns

I’m always happy to help if I can. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me using the contact form or directly at

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