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Here I’ll be covering some of the commonly asked questions (as well as a few things I feel may need to be touched on) about my shop, my spirit companionship work, and spirit keeping in general. And if you have any questions of your own that are not covered here, don’t be afraid to message me and ask! :)

Is there any welcoming or bonding rituals I need for my companions?


Nope! You are completely free to welcome your companions home and bond with them however you would like, and I really encourage you to do so however feels most comfortable or “right” to you.


Some people like to make it a big experience when welcoming in a new spirit and light candles and leave out offerings, etc., some people like to take a little time to meditate with their new friend, and others might be very casual about it and just like to say “Hey, I’m happy you’re here!” and tell them the house rules if you keep any. There’s no right or wrong way to welcome home a new companion, and you don’t have to do it the same way every time either.


As for bonding with your spirit, there’s no right or wrong way to do that either. You could invite them to join you in activities like going for walks, or making art, or watching tv, or you could play them some music, or meditate together, or go astral adventuring, or cuddle, or even just talk to them a little bit a few times a day. Anything you can think of, the ways in which you can bond are truly endless!

Why don’t you usually include offering preferences in spirit descriptions? Do I need to give offerings?

Offerings are never a necessity for your companions, it’s just something nice you can do if you would like to. Much like how you might give something to a friend, you don’t need to give your friend a gift, but you thought of them and wanted to. It doesn’t matter to your companion if they get offerings. If you do choose to though, they’ll definitely appreciate that you were thinking about them.


What if I would still like to give them offerings but I don’t know what they like, you might wonder. Well, you could always ask your companion. You don’t have to be a perfect telepath to have some form of communication with your companion, if you really want to know, they will find a way to tell you. Besides, it’s so much fun to get to know your spirit! You could also share with them something you like, or even something new to both of you. Your companion would love to get to know you through the things you like too! When it comes down to it, it doesn’t really matter what the offering is if you want to give one, just that you were thinking about your companion and took some time to appreciate them.

Why don’t you give an age for your spirits or entities?

It’s irrelevant. As a spirit, age is just a number that doesn’t really serve a purpose anymore and it definitely doesn’t affect your relationship as companions. Even if the companion is an entity, it’s most likely that their age means something different to them than it does to us, or it may not even matter at all. I’ve met beings that can live hundreds of years and spirits that may only live a handful of years. If I tell you a companion is 10 years old, depending on their race, that could mean they are an ancient old man and as a human we would want to compare them to a little kid. Age does not always apply the same way across different races. For these reasons I choose not to ask for or include the age of spirits in their information unless the spirit lets me know that they would like their age in their description.

H​ow do I move my companion's binding to a new vessel?

All you need is yourself, the spirit’s current vessel, and the vessel you wish to move their binding to. You don’t have to be able to feel energy or have any special abilities to do this, it’s the intention that matters here. Take a moment to sit quietly and call out to your spirit, hold their current vessel in one hand and their new vessel in the other (If you wish to have them transfer their binding from or to you then just hold out your empty palm with the intention that it means your energy.). Let your spirit know you wish them to move their binding to the new vessel and thank them, then they know how to do the rest. You might feel a flush of energy or warmth in the new vessel, or you might not, it will be completed either way. You may wish to sit with your companion for a few minutes afterward or not, at this point you’re all good to go though.


What should I do if I no longer want a spirit to be my companion?

If you truly feel that you no longer want to be companions, not just because you don’t feel good enough (Because you are more than good enough!), you can choose to separate ways with them. You do not have to ask my permission, and you may “rehome” them if you feel that is right (though it is not necessary to do) as long as you do not charge more to rehome them than you paid for their binding. Please do not ask me to rehome them for you. If you just wish to part ways, then take a moment to sit quietly with your spirit and let them know what you want to do. You don’t need to be afraid that they will be upset or hurt by your decision, they understand your decision and they love you and have been with you as your companion even though they knew you would part ways one day.  Now, if you tell your spirits to go away in the midst of having a breakdown or a fit of rage, they will still be there for you, they would never leave you unless you truly meant it. After speaking with your spirit they will release their binding, if you have a physical vessel you are free to do with it as you wish. You may still feel lingering energy on it, or you may not, but the binding will be gone.


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