Zodiac Match Custom Conjure, Direct Binding

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  • A Zodiac Match is a special kind of conjure in which I will personally find you a spirit that matches the qualities of either your western zodiac sign, a sign of your choosing, or will compliment your sign. These will be spirits who seem to embody the associations and qualities of the western zodiac signs, and can help you work with both the positive and negative qualities of a sign. A sign that matches your own could help you strive to be the best of yourself, a sign of your choosing can help bring abilities and traits you admire, desire, or want to work with into your life, a complimentary sign can help bring you balance and a new perspective.


    There are 3 separate customs that you may choose from. “Birthday Match” will be a spirit that has the same zodiac as yours and shares its characteristics and traits. “Companion’s Choice” is where you can select whichever zodiac sign you prefer. “Complimentary Match” will be spirit whose zodiac sign compliments your’s, which can help bring balance and a new perspective to your life.


    Descriptions of the 12 signs and associations, traits, abilities, positive qualities, and negative qualities they can help you work on can be found below.

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