Wood Elf, Direct Binding

  • Male, Wood Elf


    He has a fit build with strong shoulders, and features that are more masculine and rounded than what may come to mind when you hear “elf.” His ears are closer to human size, though still pointed. He has dark auburn hair worn a few inches long, light skin, and green eyes. He prefers to wear comfortable and practical clothing in earthy colors.


    He has a presence that is easily felt, as though his energy is just saying “Hi, I’m here.” whenever he’s close by. He has a casual, relaxed, and friendly disposition, and has a way of making his companion feel very safe. He can help ease down a stressed, anxious, or busy mind and remind his companion to take a breather when they are getting to worked up. He’s affectionate, though not necessarily in a romantic way, more like a hand on your shoulder or arm, hugs, and even cuddles when he knows his companion needs it. 

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