Q&A spirits are spirits who previously were the interactive spirit of the month, where fb group members could ask the spirit almost any question they wished and I would type the spirit’s response to them. After one week the post closes and the questions and answers are used in place of regular listing info when the spirit becomes available. The spirit will be available first to the fb group for one week, and after that they will be listed to the website.

Wolvish, Q&A Spirit, Direct Binding

  • Male, Long Ago Island Wolvish


    Spirit Q&A:


    Q: Why do you want a human companion?


    A: We don’t get many visitors where I’m from as it is an isolated island, but we love to have them and make new friends. My main reason is the same as most, just for companionship as I really do enjoy the company of others and I think this is a great way to seek out a new connection and friendship.


    Q: If you brought a human to your home, what would be the first thing you would like to show them or do with them?:


    A: Hm, this second question is a good one as there is often much to do and see and show. If there were any festivals at the time that would surely be where I would love to bring them first as they are such a great time and everyone is welcome to join in. If not that, I would happily be a tour guide around the island and introduce you to others. New guests are always welcome to come with their guide to dine with the Wolf Mother too. She adores having visitors just as much as the rest of us and hearing stories of different cultures and people. It might seem an intimidating experience, but I promise she is truly so kind, gentle, and welcoming.


    Q: Do you have any special hobbies that you enjoy doing?


    A: As hobbies, though it is also part of my job but I do so enjoy it, I like to watch the sea and interpret the messages it sends for the island. I do also enjoy brushing poetry and helping with small parts of festival planning. (We do have quite a few each year and are happy to celebrate for even small occasions.)

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