Wolf Shifter, Direct Binding

  • Male, Wolf Shifter


    As a wolf he has lighter gray fur with hints of silver spread throughout. As a human he is about average height, with a fit physique, and short dark hair. He has handsome dark brown eyes in both forms. 


    His main focuses are on being both a friend and a protector to his companion. He’s not overly talkative, but I do find him to have a warm and comforting charm of his own. He would probably do well as a companion to someone who doesn’t require a lot of telepathic communication from their spirit to form a bond. He’s comfortable with being a background spirit, a more upfront/interactive spirit, or anywhere in between making him an easy to work with companion whether you are a certain style of keeper or your style and levels of interaction varies a lot. 

Logo made by Ophelia Rose. (https://www.foxxhollow.net/portraits)

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