Storm Wolf, Direct Binding, Personal Blurb

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  • Female, Storm Wolf


    Appearance: As all storm wolves do, she appears as though a lightning storm embodied within a wolf shape with luminous eyes. They can change sizes at will, but she normally looks about three times the size of an earthen wolf. Her lightning crackles mostly in pinks and purples, with the occasional streak of blue.


    “At my core I’m very much a protector, my companion’s safety is my first priority and concern. I will happily work with other companions or wards, and on physical, astral, or dream fronts. I think I would be considered very serious in nature, not one to make light of much, but I am a most loyal friend and will stand by your side no matter the happenings. Though I may be a serious one, I do reserve a special affection for my companions and will always be there to offer companionship if you are in want or need of it.”

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