Rattleracker Female & Herd, Direct Binding

  • Female, Rattleracker


    Appearance: From foot to her tallest plate, she is about one and a half feet tall, and from nose to tail tip is about three feet long. She has muted red-violet scales that make her stand out a little bit among the other rattlerackers who are normally of darker shades. 

    Personality: Taking charge and leading the way comes naturally to her, though she’s by no means aggressive about it. She’s the one her herd looks to for guidance and looks after them with a mother’s care. Even though they are spirits now, they have chosen to stay together as a herd, so when you welcome her into your life you are gaining a handful of friends who will be there to look out for you and bring fun and warmth with them. Most rattlerackers are not strong telepathic talkers but she seems to be an exception, though she will still use images and feelings as well. She will be there to watch over you and is a gentle and caring companion who wants to help you pave your own path. 

    This listing will come with her info only, but the names and genders of the other herd members will be included.

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