Porcupine Shifter, Direct Binding

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  • Female, Porcupine Shifter


    In her human form, she is a beautiful dark skinned woman, who rocks an abundance of long, dark, natural hair and sparkling dark eyes. She is on the taller side and has a full figured, yet strong, build. As a porcupine she appears as a cape porcupine. They are one of the larger species of porcupines, and she is almost 3 feet long in her animal shape. They are similar in appearance to crested porcupines, with the long crest of hair along the top of their head and neck, and the bush of long quills covering their backs. She has such an upbeat and fun personality. She can help you to combat holding onto negative emotions, by reminding you when you’re starting to let them fester, because as she says “You don’t need that in your day!” She wants you to enjoy your life, rather than unintentionally putting out your fire. She is brave and bold, whether it’s when pursuing an interest, defending her companion, or telling the truth. (Though she would never do so in a hurtful manner, but she isn’t really one to sugar coat things.) She is a by your side and here for it all kind of companion who will stick with you no matter what life brings or what you are going through.

Logo made by Ophelia Rose. (https://www.foxxhollow.net/portraits)

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