Lightning Strike & Lightning Rod Unicorn Pair, with Mini Portrait

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  • Lighting Strikes are beautiful elven beings whose whole bodies seem to emanate vibrant light. They are are highly connected to the sky and storms, and can sometimes be spotted on the site where lightning strikes the Earth, channeling its energy. They have very strong energy, almost like static electricity, that can make your hair stand on end and leave you feeling energized. Lightning Strikes can lend you extra energy when you need it and give your magickal workings a boost. These beings are also very in touch with emotions. They feel emotions SO strongly and are powerful empaths. They can help you to understand, work through, utilize, and express your own emotions.


    Some Lightning Strikes also have their own companions and mounts, called Lightning Rod Unicorns. You may or may not see these Unicorns if you are the companion of a Lightning Strike. They are a unique breed of Unicorn that are heavy built like a draft horse and can come in many different color variations. They have long, spiraling metallic horns, and metallic hooves. They can sometimes be seen channeling lighting down through their horns, and are just as wild and lively as their counterparts.

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