Learahlin Traveler, Direct Binding

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  • He is a tall, lightly sun kissed fellow with thick, wild golden blonde hair that falls in assorted lengths, free flowing, or in thin braids. Both his clothing choices and the way he wears his hair speaks of his eclectic-ness, and the way he enjoys a little bit of everything. His brilliant green eyes and his smile alike are filled with contagious joy. He has a sense of child-like curiosity about the world and he adores nature, animals, and adventure (whether it’s physical adventures or journey through stories). He reminds me of laughter just waiting to bubble up to the surface and fill you with joy. He brings his companion an abundance of love, and looks to help you reclaim your happiness, to renew your sense of wonder and magick, and allow you to enjoy life again through your inner child.

Logo made by Ophelia Rose. (https://www.foxxhollow.net/portraits)

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