Learahlin Traveler, Direct Binding

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  • Learahlin are a warm race of beings that look similar to humans, although they are generally taller and usually have colorful hair and eyes. Learahlins also tend to have a lot of hybrids among them, which can include anything from humans, to elves, to vampires, to shape shifters, and so many more. As entities, they never stay in one place for too long, always roaming and even crossing to different realms and worlds. They never seek or want to be involved in trouble and will often disappear at the first sign of it, which will help keep their companions safe as well if they are acting as an astral guide for them. As entities they’ve also been known to vanish overnight without a trace. Nobody really knows where they come from and or where they’re heading next. If you earn their friendship though, you’ll have a pal for life! They’ll come back every so often to visit the friends they’ve made and are more than happy to have their friends accompany them on their travels or even stay with them if they truly wish. It’s not uncommon to see Learahlin with odd traveling companions of all sorts, and you may even get to meet some of your companions friends over time, as well as see or hear about the many places they have been. Learahlin may travel on their own, in pairs, or small groups, but they are rarely seen in large numbers together. They are collectors in life, of all sorts of things, and they love to make trades, be it for goods, stories, or services. They love life, and experiences, and merriment, and are known for stopping by worlds and places just to see the current festivals, celebrations, and markets. Whether they are spirits or entities they all very much enjoy the company of others, and the friends and companions they make. They are some of the most welcoming, accepting, interesting, and entertaining beings I’ve come across.

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