Golden Storm Dragon Shifter, Direct Binding

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  • These Dragons range from dark amber, to brilliant yellow-gold in scale tones. They have compact bodies, that are low to the ground, with large bellies and noses that flare out a little bit. They may also have a human form that can vary widely from Dragon to Dragon. Golden Storm Dragons are very much connected to the weather, especially storms. These guys love a good thunderstorm! They don’t tend to be overly energetic or super active until a storm rolls through, then they are charged and ready to go. Most of these Dragons you will find riding the storms and passing through with them. They are a great companion for anyone looking to practice weather magick, or just for a good snuggle buddy, and they always seem to have wonderful temperaments. Goldens can be very affectionate with their keepers and you may find yourself having to make room for them in your bed, as they are very cuddly. Some Golden Storm Dragons like to spend more time in their Dragon form, some like to spend more time in their human form, and some like to spend equal amount of time in both forms. They can sexual or non-sexual beings. Each individual is unique. These Dragons would make a lovely companion for a keeper of any experience level.

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