This listing is for one binding of a gemstone wolf custom conjure just for you. You are welcome to ask that they be of a specific type of gemstone, that they be able to help you with something in specific (ex. boosting spirit communication, energetic shielding, grounding, etc.), OR leave it open.

Gemstone Wolves Custom Conjures, Direct Bindings

  • They are energetic beings who come in the form of, often, large wolves with glowing eyes. In the beginning of their life they are like blank slates, not yet with any set abilities or even color, in time they find gemstones that they feel connected to and bond with. When bonded with their gemstone they take on coloring similar to it and abilities associated with it. It’s sort of like a right of passage for them to find and bond with their stone. Most gemstone wolves are called by the name of their stone, but these ones will come with either a nickname they picked out themselves or one I helped them choose that you can call them by. If you wish you can also change the nickname or just call them by their gemstone name.

  • Please make sure to read through ALL information provided BEFORE making any purchases, so as to avoid any confusion. It is the buyers responsibility to make sure they understand my shop policies before making a purchase. Thank you! :)



    Specific to this listing:


    This listing is for direct bindings only. If you would like the spirit bound to an item you own please email me an image of the item at after purchase. If you do not contact me I will assume the spirit is to be bound to you. (But don’t worry, you can always ask your companion to move their binding to a new vessel later.)


    Please allow for up to 2 weeks to receive your companion’s info and to have them bound.



    Please make sure you provide an email you can be reached with at checkout, your companion’s  information and confirmation of the binding being completed will be sent there.


    I do not offer refunds, so please be certain you want to welcome a spirit into your life before purchasing a listing.


    Please do not ask for any extra information about spirits, what you receive in their descriptions is it. It’s up to you to learn the rest about your companion, and so much more beneficial to your bond to get to know them yourself. :)


    I do not accept requests for trades, deals, price cuts, or freebies on my work.


    You must be 18 years or older to make a purchase and nothing in this store is to be used in place of medical attention or advice. Only a professional should treat and address your medical concerns


    I’m always happy to help if I can. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me using the contact form or directly at All I ask is for your patience if I’m not able to reply immediately.


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