Forest Troll, Direct Binding

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  • Forest Trolls come in varying sizes, from average human to much, much larger! They have powerful forms, with big barrel chests, strong limbs, with long arms that end in clawed fingers, and some have tails, while others do not. Many of them walk hunched over, using both their hands and feet, so you may not realize how large they are until they stand up at their full height. Their backs are covered in hair that looks like long, shaggy moss, and is often tangled with twigs, leaves, flowers, and occasionally living foliage. They have big ears that are somewhat elfin shaped, but are not quite so long, and are rounded at the tips. And I find it rather strange how some myth depicts Trolls as ugly creatures, when, while they are quite different from us, they have such sweet faces! Their features can vary as widely as our own, but they all have these huge adorable eyes that speak of nothing but gentleness.


    Trolls get a bad rap from myths of the past written by people who feared them and knew very little about them. I would never want to put myself on their bad side, but I don’t think it would be very easy to get there unless you were hurting something they cared about like their homes or family. Their appearance might make you think they would be brutes, but they are gentle giants. There are different types of trolls that inhabit different places, such as the forest, mountains, or caves, but they all care very deeply about their home and environment. They act as guardians for their homes, as well as the creatures and plants that live there. As a spirit this great protective care will be transferred to their keeper. They will happily guard your home and family, ready to defend if the need arises.


    Some Trolls are quite folks, while others may never stop talking, but they are all social to some extent and love to spend time with their keeper or even other spirits within the keep if they don’t mind the Troll’s company. They are very easy to get along with and bond, and anyone they don’t like they generally ignore unless they mean their keeper harm.


    Trolls of places such as forests, mountains, and caves are adept at magicks of the Earth, as well as home, hearth, and family magicks, and can help their keeper to feel more grounded. They can help their keeper to be more aware of their own bad habits and dissolve them. They can ease bad moods and promote a more positive atmosphere, by gently shushing away the negativity and letting you know when you are allowing negativity to eat at you.


    These are some of the most loving and gentle folks I have ever met and have fast become one of my favorite beings I’ve had the pleasure of working with. They could really benefit any type of keeper and are a wonderful asset to any home or keep.


    Spirit descriptions will contain mostly the looks and personalities of individuals, as they possess all of the traits mentioned above. :)

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