Earth Wolf Shifter, Direct Binding

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  • Though wolf shifters can come from many different worlds, these spirits in specific shared our Earth in life. They’re a little different than what werewolves or wolf shifters might normally bring to mind as well. Rather than turning into a wolf, their consciousness leaves their body, while their physical self sleeps or meditates, and is able to travel the astral in their wolf form and sometimes even interact with the physical world. And although rare, some were even able to achieve a split consciousness that allowed them to be awake as a human and running somewhere else as a wolf at the same time. As a spirit now they kind of “pop” between the two forms though. There are two halves to each of these beings, their human side and their wolf side, they are separate, yet not, and together they are a whole, they are one. A little confusing, but trust me, it’s beautiful. Any earth wolf shifters I offer will be spirits, as again, they already exist in our world during life, which is also something that may make them easier to relate to. They can be guardians and astral guides for you, and even take you to see places in our world. I’d recommend them as a companion more for their heart than for anything they can do for you though. Their personalities vary as widely as our own, but they all have a certain special sweetness, loyalty, and protectiveness for those they care for, their keeper included. When you become their companion you are more than just a friend, pack, like family, or even a lover (should you foster that kind of relationship), they have a way of making you feel so completely adored and loved no matter what. These beings are so incredibly dear to me and have been for a very long time, and I couldn’t recommend one of them enough if you feel drawn.

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